A fun and busy Mustang Days

06-30-11dsc_5409-md-parade_1It’s a wrap!

The 2011 Mustang Days celebration came and went like a Wyoming twister, touching down with a whirlwind of activity and leaving most people in town exhausted.

New Mustang Committee Chairman Linda Mangus said the weeklong celebration went really well. She said events were well attended and the committee’s finances will be in good shape for next year.

Mangus said she would like to encourage members of the community to help out with the celebration in 2012, noting how much work it takes to oversee every event, and also be in charge of some events because of a shortage of volunteers.

“Either they’re afraid to ask or they’re not willing to help out,” Mangus said. “It seems to be an ongoing problem.”

She said the volunteers she did have were great, and thanked everyone who participated in the 2011 Mustang Days celebration.

“Everyone involved helped make the event they were involved in a success so the people of Lovell could enjoy it,” Mangus said.

Mangus said her favorite event was the Laughing Bird concert on Monday, June 20.

“It’s free, relaxing and fun,” Mangus said. “It was great entertainment.”

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She noted she still enjoys all the classic events of Mustang Days, too.

Mangus said she plans to chair the event again next year, noting she already came up with several ideas for improvements. She said being involved in many different events would help her be a better chairman and will help her do a better job next year.

Some planning is already under way, but Mangus said residents will notice more advertising in January of 2012, when the committee begins looking for volunteers.

By Brad Devereaux