Filmmakers crash on Shoshone River

The Great American Walkabout took an unexpectedly long stop in Lovell Tuesday when the three man crew on the nationwide adventure crashed their raft on the Shoshone River outside of Lovell, losing their camera, food, money, identification and other gear in the water.

Eddie Bond (left) and Michael Nelsen are all smiles despite their crash in the Shoshone River Tuesday. They took a break at Lange’s Kitchen and planned to meet up with the third member of their crew and get back on the water.

After working for an hour to free the inflatable raft from tree and debris in the river, they made it to the riverbank and started walking until they came upon a horse pasture outside of town.

“It’s all part of the adventure,” said Eddie Bond in an interview at Lange’s Kitchen Tuesday. The group was on a trek that began in San Francisco, and was to end in New York. They put the boat in the water near Cody before snagging near Lovell.

Their plan was to continue to Minneapolis, then head to the east coast to hike the Appalachian Trail to New York. The adventure is part of a film series intended to air on the Travel Channel, Bond said.

“We’re moving on no matter what,” said adventurer Michael Nelsen. The two men were getting ready to meet up with the third member of the crew and continue the trip. They held on to their sleeping bags, survival bag and some other gear, Bond said. The boat is scratched up but still floats, they said.

“Our goal is to inspire people to live their passions and follow their dreams,” Bond said. “We’ve seen a lot of cool places so far.”

If any gear is spotted downstream in the Shoshone, residents are asked to contact Bond at

By Brad Devereaux