Laughing Birds

Laughing Birds – Tupelo Kenyon and Janey Wing Kenyon.

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Tupelo Kenyon (left) and Janey Wing Kenyon, the animated musical duo that is Laughing Birds, played to a large crowd at the Lovell Community Center Monday. Their show was a unique blend of comedic tunes and serious songs, with each of the players switching between a variety of instruments and singing in harmony. The duo met in Kodiak, Alaska in the mid-1970s and have been performing and recording together since 1978. “Music is for sharing. A song is useless and worthless unless someone hears it,” according to the band’s mission statement. “As songwriters, it matters to us that this music is heard. This is our passion, our purpose, our primary mission…Our main objective is to share music that matters with people who care..” Visit for more information.

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