County fair manager resigns

By Nathan Oster, Greybull Standard

Big Horn County is once again in the market for a fair manager after the resignation last week of Serena Lipp.

Serena Lipp

Lipp, who was on the job for less than a month, had left her position with River Rail Federal Credit Union in July in order to accept the fair manager position.

She had been with River Rail for 15 years. Before that, she was employed by the school district for 13 years.

Members of the Big Horn County Fair Board accepted her resignation during a special meeting Thursday evening in Basin.

“I feel bad for the way it happened,” said Serena. “The public was wonderful…so excited to have me there. And I really thought that I had found my dream job.

“It was something I wanted to do, it tapped into all of the things I think I’m good at such as creativity, brochures, developing things, bookwork, that sort of thing. I was willing to put my work ethic to work for the county.”

But once she got on board, Lipp said it didn’t take long to discover that it wasn’t going to work out.

“I’ll just say this: It was a situation that I became very uncomfortable with,” Lipp said. “And when you’re not comfortable with something, I don’t think you should be doing it.”

She would not elaborate for this story, saying she wanted to put the experience behind her and move on.  As this week began, she was on the job hunt.

Matty Moody, who chairs the fair board, said the search for Lipp’s replacement has already begun. It started with the list of applicants who stepped forward before the job was offered to Lipp.

“At this point, our plan is to re-interview some of the top candidates,” she said.

Moody said the ideal candidate would be “a well-rounded person” with general office and bookkeeping skills who would be able to attend the Rocky Mountain fair manager meetings to line up entertainment.

“We have had to step up as a board to make the fair happen,” she said. “We want a superintendent who is well rounded, who will come to us for guidance, advice and direction … but we have no desire to micromanage it.”

Rumors about the circumstances that led to Lipp’s departure have been running rampant. Jerry Ewen, who chairs the Big Horn County Commission, said he has heard those rumors and looked into them. But until they are substantiated by facts, he said, “We have a fair board that we appointed and put in place, and our desire is that they take care of business.

“We are not going to step in and start to manage the fair board. We have confidence in them to let them do their work.”