Politics, film fest, school and baseball

A few thoughts on a sunny August day:

David Peck

• Arrrrgh! That’s the sound of me pondering the endless coverage of the presidential election for the next 15 months. The Republican field is huge: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and others. Tim Pawlenty has dropped out.

Others pondering a run are Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Rudy Giuliani and others. It’s good if you’re a political junkie, but in this day and age of political brinksmanship and brick throwing, I wonder if we, as citizens, get worn down by all of the negativity. Certainly, President Obama has never stopped running for office from the day he took his oath as president. Most of his speeches are political, rather than presidential. And now we have the Republicans chirping away nonstop.

All of the posturing, combined with the political polarization in Washington, is enough to make a citizen even more cynical, don’t you think?

• ????? That’s my thought process as to why more people don’t bother to attend the excellent Hyart Film Festival – pure puzzlement. A lot of people work very, very hard on this now annual event, only to have maybe a couple of dozen local people per film block bother to show up. Hats off to folks like Jason Zeller and Sue Taylor (and others) for making the festival possible, but why, oh why, don’t more people – about 95 percent of the population – even bother to give the festival a try.

• School is right around the corner. District One students will be back in the classroom next Wednesday, Aug. 24, followed by District Two students on Monday, Aug. 29. Our college students are already leaving for Laramie, Powell, Casper and points beyond.

This can be a fun but stressful time for our young people, and many of us can remember being in their shoes. One young man wrote on his Facebook page after arriving at college this week, “I feel lost.”

Remember that feeling? Let’s all remember to help all of our young people through the “back to school” transition, whether they’re heading to elementary school, middle school, high school or college. And be sure to drive carefully now that children are heading back to school.

• Ssssssss! That’s the sound of the air slowly being let out of the tires of teams fading from the pennant races in Major League Baseball, including my St. Louis Cardinals. How can a team lead the league in batting average but be so pathetic in the clutch? Other teams, including the Rockies, Mets, Reds and Dodgers in the NL and the Twins, Rays and Angels in the AL are seeing their hopes face, as well.

So much for the “win now” trades my Cardinals made a couple of weeks ago.

A pennant race can be a wonderful thing, but also a painful thing.