Swimmers wrap up season

The North Big Horn Barracudas wrapped up their summer season at the long-course state A and B meets in Gillette Aug. 5-7. With just four swimmers attending, it was still the biggest team from the Big Horn Basin.

In the ‘A’ meet, 8-year-old Anna Fuller swam six events and was the fifth place high point award winner in her age group. Alyssa Schneider, 12, swam seven events and was the eighth place high point swimmer. Jared Fuller, 10, swam five events and found himself in 13th place overall.

Jared Fuller, Seth Fuller, Anna Fuller, Coach Ross Fuller and Alyssa Schneider take a break at the Wyoming State Summer Meet in Gillette August 6. Courtesy Photo

Swimmers who had not met the qualifying time for an ‘A’ meet event competed at the ‘B’ meet, which was swam alongside the ‘A’ meet in the 50-meter pool in Gillette.


Anna Fuller (8): 100-meter freestyle 1:55.46 (9th); 50-meter backstroke 1:02.59 (8th); 50-meter freestyle 50-meter.30 (7th); 50-meter butterfly 1:18.90 (4th); 50-meter breaststroke 1:07.82 (6th); 200 freestyle 4:03.45 (4th).

Jared Fuller (10): 100-meter freestyle 1:35.05 (10th); 50-meter backstroke 54.46 (13th); 100-meter breaststroke 2:15.61 (8th); 50-meter freestyle 41.75 (11th); 50-meter breaststroke 1:05.19 (9th); 200 freestyle 3:30.76; 100-meter backstroke 1:57.87; 50-meter butterfly 1:03.18.

Seth Fuller (13): 100-meter freestyle 1:26.55; 100-meter backstroke 1:35.46; 200 breaststroke 4:16.68; 50-meter freestyle 34.46; 100-meter breaststroke 1:59.38; 200 freestyle 3:05.15.

Aly Schneider (12): 100-meter freestyle 1:17.00 (7th); 50-meter backstroke 43.48 (8th); 100-meter breaststroke 1:49.45 (8th); 50-meter freestyle 33.34 (6th); 200 individual medley 3:29.88; 200 freestyle 2:57.32 (10th); 100-meter backstroke 1:36.82; 50-meter butterfly 39.60 (5th).

Wild West Challenge

Four additional athletes participated at the Powell Swim Club’s Wild West Challenge in July. Colby Doughty, Katlyn Doughty, Emily Doughty and Ross Fuller tested their skills against 52 other swimmers from the area July 16 and 17 at the Powell Aquatic Center.


Colby Doughty (9): 100-yard freestyle 1:47.83 (3rd); 200-yard freestyle 3:52.37 (3rd); 50-yard backstroke 1:08.47 (4th); 50-yard freestyle 49.35 (4th); 100-yard backstroke 2:18.07 (3rd).

Emily Doughty (12): 100-yard freestyle 1:16.75 (4th); 200-yard freestyle 2:49.59 (3rd); 50-yard backstroke 41l71 (3rd); 200-yard individual medley 3:28.51 (4th); 50-yard freestyle 32.66 (2nd); 50-yard butterfly 40.28 (2nd); 100-yard backstroke 1:33.26 (2nd); 500-yard freestyle 7:48.99 (9th).

Katelyn Doughty (12): 100-yard freestyle 1:14.90 (3rd); 200-yard freestyle 2:50.89 (4th); 50-yard breaststroke 53.48 (6th); 50-yard freestyle 34.60 (5th); 100-yard breaststroke 1:55.0 (5th); 100-yard backstroke 1:37.66 (3rd); 500-yard freestyle 7:25.11 (7th).

Anna Fuller (8): 100-yard freestyle 1:39.79 (2nd); 200-yard freestyle 3:46.50 (4th); 50-yard backstroke 59.83 (2nd); 50-yard breaststroke 1:05.69 (4th); 50-yard freestyle 47.23 (4th); 50-yard butterfly 1:08.94 (3rd); 100-yard breaststroke 2:31.28 (4th).

Jared Fuller (10): 100-yard freestyle 1:25.67 (1st); 200-yard freestyle 3:17.75 (1st); 50-yard backstroke 45.73 (2nd); 50-yard breaststroke 53.73 (2nd); 50-yard freestyle 36.88 (1st); 100-yard breaststroke 2:01.22 (2nd); 100-yard backstroke 1:44.47 (2nd).

Ross Fuller (open): 100-yard breaststroke 1:17.83 (1st); 1000-yard freestyle 15:58.20 (5th); 200-yard breaststroke 2:59.75 (3rd).

Seth Fuller (13): 100-yard freestyle 1:16.03 (8th); 200-yard freestyle 2:53.49 (5th); 100-yard backstroke 1:30.86 (8th); 100-yard breaststroke 1:53.43 (7th); 50-yard freestyle 33.29 (5th); 200-yard breaststroke 3:43.60 (7th).

Aly Schneider (12): 100-yard freestyle 1:11.00 (1st); 200-yard freestyle 2:40.46 (2nd); 50-yard backstroke 39.82 (2nd); 200-yard individual medley 3:12.46 (2nd); 50-yard freestyle 31.62 (1st); 50-yard butterfly 37.43 (1st); 100-yard breaststroke 1:35.31 (1st); 500-yard freestyle 7:30.46 (8th).

All of the Barracudas swam personal bests at both summer meets and look forward to the winter season, which begins in September.

The North Big Horn Barracudas practices are open to anyone age 8 and older who can swim one length of the pool. Competition is optional. For more information and practice times call Coach Ross Fuller, 548-9336 or 272-9337. Sign up at the Lovell Recreation Department during office hours.

By Pat Parmer