Football, hoops and Main St. improvements

A little bit about this and that on a perfect autumn day:

David Peck

Football fans who acquired tickets and made the trek to Laramie Saturday for the Wyoming-Nebraska football game enjoyed a marvelous experience at War Memorial Stadium.

The weather was stunning, and the War was packed to the gills with rabid Wyoming and Nebraska fans – a sea of red and gold.

Some pundits on the Wyoming internet fan boards are complaining that the university shouldn’t have scheduled an opponent like the Cornhuskers to come to Laramie, that it was embarrassing that Nebraska fans were able to purchase so many tickets.

But I disagree. The atmosphere was incredible, and the Cowboys held their own against the Huskers, showing how far Coach Dave Christensen has brought the Wyoming program. In fact, had the Pokes not dropped a long pass and missed a field goal, the 38-14 score would have been much closer.

As for the tickets, Wyoming fans have no one to blame but themselves if they don’t scoop up all of the extra tickets that were available for the game.

* * *

Speaking of UW, it is truly sad to see the basketball career of Lovell’s Kristen Scheffler come to an end due to her continuing back problems. Kristen has been a spectacular player at Lovell High School and UW, easily one of the most talented players to don a Bulldog or Cowgirl uniform.

Kristen could drain multiple three-pointers and make jaw-dropping moves to the basket. We will miss seeing her on the court, but she made the right decision to apply for a medical DQ that will end her playing days but allow her to keep her scholarship.

The situation is disheartening for Kristen and her very supportive extended family, bu

t here’s what Kristen needs to remember: Her competitive drive will take her far in life off the court, and she will make her mark as much for her friendly good nature and many talents off the court as for her success on the court. Even without basketball competition, she has a very bright future.

* * *

The Town of Lovell wants to spruce up the town’s entryways, and the town council wants your help. Mayor Bruce Morrison is seeking volunteers to come up with ideas and/or serve on a committee for “entryway enhancements.” The improvements could include anything from walking paths to trees.

Let the mayor or town hall know if you are interested, or attend a meeting called for Thursday, Oct. 6, at 7 p.m. at town hall.