Mike Kitchen

Kitchen hits ‘albatross’ at Foster

Longtime Lovell golfer Mike Kitchen performed a rare feat on the golf course Monday – shooting a double eagle (three strokes under par) on the par five first hole at the Foster Gulch Golf Course.

Mike KitchenThe “albatross” as the feat is euphemistically called, is only the second of Kitchen’s long and successful career, and he made the dramatic shot at the start of his second time around the nine-hole course.

After a strong tee shot that carried down the middle of the fairway, Kitchen used a 7-wood for his second shot about 208 yards from the cup, which was true onto the green. After topping the hill, he began looking for the ball and partner Gus Gerhardt suggested that he look in the hole. The ball was there.

“It’s kind of a blind shot,” Kitchen said of the approach to the first hole. “You can’t see the green. The course goes over a hill and down. You can’t see the ball land when it goes on the green.”

Kitchen said he was pleased to hit the superb shot.

“Oh, yeah, it’s always exciting,” he said. “They’re pretty rare.”

By David Peck