LHS volleyball strong

Home game with Thermopolis
By Patti Carpenter
The Lady Bulldogs hosted a game against Thermopolis on Sept. 8. Although the girls won three games out of four for an overall win, Coach Stormy Jameson felt they should have won all four.
“I thought they (Thermopolis) played a lot like the Greybull team,” said Jameson. “Although they didn’t have a lot of really hard hitters, they had a good defense and didn’t let a lot of balls hit the ground on their side.”
The Lovell girls lost the first game 19-25, but won the last three games 25-17, 25-18 and 25-16.
“We didn’t come out ready to hit,” she said. “We weren’t playing terrible but we just weren’t playing in our system that first game. After we got that first game out of the way we played really well.”
The team’s libero Leanne Winterholler had 30 digs. Middle blocker Erin Robertson contributed 11 kills to the win. Freshman middle blocker Emilee Reasch made 12 kills, which was more than anyone else on the team.
“How she (Reasch) played against Thermop is how I expected her to play,” said Jameson. “She didn’t play like a freshman on Thursday night. She played with confidence and was not nervous at all.”
Chelsey Ellis made seven kills and she also had 32 digs.
“It’s not often that someone out digs Leanne (Winterholler),” said Jameson. “It was like they (Thermopolis) were always hitting to Chelsey and she seemed to always be in the right spot that night.”
Big Horn Invitational
The Bulldogs traveled to Big Horn for a non-conference tournament that was held Sept. 9-10. The varsity teams began with pool play on Saturday competing against Upton, Thermopolis and Wright in the pool play.
The first game played was against Upton, a smaller 1A school. Jameson thought it was a good warm-up game and the girls easily won 25-4 and 25-16.
The girls had an opportunity to face-off with Thermopolis again in the second game of the tournament.  They showed no mercy to the team from Thermopolis and walked away with another win, 25-7 and  25-17.
For their third game of the day the girls played Wright, one of the strongest teams in the tournament.
“I knew going into this tournament that Wright and Big Horn would be teams to watch out for,” said Jameson. “I knew that they were both going to be good.”
The girls lost both games to Wright 25-15.
“I thought the game with Wright was one of the worst games we’ve played,” she said. “I don’t know if the girls were tired or what, but they didn’t play well. Wright is a good team but we didn’t play very good against them. We couldn’t pass, we couldn’t get anything going for us.”
Their two wins qualified the team to play Burlington and Big Horn in the upper bracket.
In the first bracket game against Burlington, the girls prevailed winning both games. Reasch, Robertson, Ellis and Jodi Walker contributed six kills apiece to the win. Although the first game was close at 25-24, Jameson felt it was an uneventful match that was easily won in the end.
The girls went three games against Big Horn, which was a much tougher team than the others, losing the first game, winning the second, and losing the third, which took them out of bracket play for the remainder of the tournament.
“We knew Big Horn and Wright were going to be the tough teams to beat,” said Jameson.  “I thought Wright was the bigger challenge and they went on to win the whole tournament.” Wright and Big Horn faced off in the championship game.
“Against Big Horn, we didn’t play very well in the first game again, but we finally came out in the second game,” said Jameson. “We probably played the best volleyball we’ve played all year in that second game. The third game we played well, too. It was close all the way to the end and they just got a few more points at the end than we did.”
Lovell vs. Rocky
The Bulldog girls easily dominated the Lady Grizz at a conference game hosted by RMHS in Cowley on Sept. 13. The girls had three relatively easy wins 25-13, 25-17 and 25-8 against the normally strong team, which is suffering this year with injuries and lack of overall varsity experience among its players.
Walker made 10 kills, Ellis seven, Reasch five.  Ellis also contributed 19 digs. McClure had 21 assists and Robertson contributed five aces to the win.

The girls will face off with the highly competitive team from Riverside for their homecoming game on Sept. 16. Games will be played at 2, 3 and 4 p.m. in the Lovell High School gymnasium. They will turn around Saturday and head to the Thermopolis Bobcat Invitational and host the Cody Lady Broncs on Tuesday night.