Solicitors do not represent LPD

Last week our community was inundated with door-to-door solicitors selling many different products. One such product was a home security system.

Nick Lewis

I received several comments from our residents that some of the salespeople were telling them that I and/or the Lovell Police Department had endorsed this product. This is not factual. I was also told that one salesman said that they were “going to hook the chief up with a unit.” This is also not factual.

I did not know anything about this product until a citizen came to me and enlightened me on what was being said by some of these salespeople. I have not endorsed this system and would not endorse any product without investigating the product and the company behind the product being sold door-to-door except maybe Girl Scout cookies.

There was also a rumor that the Town has authorized door-to-door solicitors, and again this is not factual.

If anyone in our community does not want to be bothered by door-to-door sales please place a “No Solicitors” or “No Solicitation” sign visible near your front door. We are working on improving our ordinance so we can protect our community from unwanted solicitation. During last week’s frenzy we had one woman complain that once the salesperson was in her home they asked to use their bathroom.

This request may have been nothing more than a true need to use the bathroom, more times than not unknown people will ask to use your bathroom so they can go through your medicine cabinet and see what medications they can steal from you. Like any solicitation by phone, fax or e-mail please be careful about sharing your personal information with others. Once they have your name, date of birth and social security number you have exposed yourself to identity theft.

Be careful of those that pressure you that they can give you this extremely reduced price “only today.” You should be able to listen to their sales pitch and then take a day or several days to make an informed decision about purchasing the product or service. If anyone is trying to hurry your decision ask yourself why would it make a difference if I make a decision in a day or two. Take some time to think the purchase through and don’t be pressured into a quick decision.

If a salesperson comes to your door and you do not want them there just ask them to leave and excuse yourself. If they don’t leave please call us and we will escort them from your property.

We are moving forward to strengthen our solicitation ordinance so our community will be protected by the few unsavory elements that use door-to-door sales as a way to take advantage of you and your family. Until then please let us know about any unwanted encounters you have with door-to-door salespeople that will not leave when asked to do so.

Be safe!

By Nick Lewis, Lovell Police Chief