South water and sewer project begins Monday

It may be fall, but as long as the weather holds, Wilson Brothers Construction will go full steam ahead with the South Phase of the Lovell water and sewer infrastructure project, starting Monday.

The South Phase, which is the fourth phase of the infrastructure project, will include the portion of town from Shoshone Avenue east to Garfield and Seventh Street south to Wyoming, including the hospital alley, project engineer Frank Page said.

Page said a definitive project schedule was to be decided at a pre-construction meeting with the contractor and town officials Wednesday, and the Lovell Town Council on Tuesday night voted to allow Mayor Bruce Morrison to sign the notice to proceed at that Wednesday meeting.

Wilson Brothers will start removing and milling asphalt on Nevada Avenue on Monday, moving south from Seventh to and through Wyoming Street on top of the hill. The asphalt will be removed and stockpiled.

The contractor will then start laying new sewer pipe at Seventh and Nevada as early as next Wednesday, Page said, and the following week start laying new water line at Seventh and Nevada, moving south with both lines.

“They’ll do the sewer mains and the water mains and then the services,” Page said. “We want to do the water and sewer on Nevada up to and through Wyoming so we can run the water line from Nevada and Wyoming east to Garfield.”

It is imperative to complete three utility crossings of the Globe Canal this fall after the water is out of the canal, Page said. The project will cross the canal with water and sewer lines at Nevada and sewer only at Montana and Garfield. Water should be out of the canal around the first week in November, Page said.

“We need to complete the line across the top of the bench to the homes above Garfield because the current water line comes up Garfield from Eighth Street, and that line is being removed,” he said.

Depending on the weather, the contractor will work until mid-December, then shut down at Christmas until spring, Page said.

“If we have beautiful weather we’ll just keep going,” he said, adding that while there will be no paving this fall, the millings will be put back down on Nevada after the water and sewer lines are in and the water line inspected, tested and in service.

By David Peck – Editor and Publisher