Search for dog continues

Lovell police are asking the owners of a black dog that bit a boy during the Main Street Trick-or-Treat event held on Friday, Oct. 28, to come forward so the dog can be evaluated for rabies risk to the boy.

Ten-year-old Alex Yeaman was trick-or-treating like many youngsters during the event and was bit by the large black dog as he was departing from the Queen Bee candy store on his bicycle on Main Street.

According to his mother Sara Yeaman, the boy said that the dog looked like a black Labrador and was on a leash held by a heavy set man with dark hair who was wearing a hat. The man was accompanied by a woman, another dog that appeared to be a pit bull, a small child in costume and a baby in a stroller.

If the dog is not identified and evaluated by the end of the week, the boy may have to undergo a series of painful rabies shots.

In an effort to find the dog, the Lovell police department sent out a plea for help via the reverse 911 calling system, where all residents in the town of Lovell with a “land line” phone received a recorded message asking for help finding the dog. An electronic sign was also placed on Main Street asking for information that would help identify the dog.

“We are spinning our wheels,” said Animal Control Officer Phil Angell. “We have tried everything we can to find this dog.”

He also added that people should not bring dogs to events in town where small children are involved and where unfamiliar events could frighten the dog.

“Dogs get scared and it’s not safe to bring them to this sort of thing,” said Angell. “Please don’t bring dogs downtown when an event like this is going on. It’s just not safe.”

The department welcomes anonymous tips and will not reveal the identity of those who may have information about the dog, but who wish to remain anonymous.

by Patti Carpenter