Local students to perform in all-state and and choir

Students from Lovell and Rocky Mountain High schools have been awarded the distinguished honor of performing in Wyoming’s all-state music programs.

Lovell High School students who made all-state choir and band include (back row) Jacob Mayes, Traci Averett and Lauryn Mickelson, (front row) Randy Carter and Justin Mickelson. Not pictured is Mesa Mathews. Five of the students will represent LHS in the all-state choir. Justin Mickelson was awarded the honor of playing his trombone in the all-state band.
Rocky Mountain High School students Sam Woodis, Casey Banks and Ashley Bridges were selected to perform in the all-state choir and band.

Randy Carter, Jacob Mayes, Traci Averett, Lauryn Mickelson and Mesa Mathews will represent Lovell High in the all-state musical choir. Justin Mickelson of LHS was awarded the honor of playing his trombone in the all-state band.

Sam Woodis of Rocky Mountain High will play his tenor saxophone in the band. Casey Banks and Ashley Bridges of RMHS will perform in the choir.

The students were selected through an arduous and highly competitive audition process in which they were provided with excerpts of music to perform in a recorded session. Only the student and teacher were allowed to attend the session. Later, judges listened to the audio recordings without knowing who was performing. Out of this “blind” audition process, judges selected “the best of the best” from the entire state to perform in the all-state choir and band.

The students will travel to Evanston and undergo rigorous practice sessions Jan. 15-18, before they are allowed to perform before an audience.

“This is a big honor to be selected for this,” said student Randy Carter. “It’s very special for us to be part of this.”

During their practice and performance sessions students have the opportunity to work with world-class musical directors.


By Patti Carpenter