Birkholz girls take their show on the road

Emily and Elizabeth Birkholz, of Lovell High School, were the only students from the Speech and Debate Team to travel to Riverton to compete in the District Speech and Debate tournament held March 7-9. The team is made up of students from Lovell and Rocky Mountain High Schools.

Elizabeth and Emily Birkholz

The girls performed their duet “Wicked” and worked their way up through a series of performances leading up to finals. The final round was limited to only seven participants and the girls missed a chance to perform in that final round by only one place after they placed eighth.

“They competed really well. I was very excited for them and I think I was more upset than they were when they didn’t break into finals,” said assistant coach Jason Zeller.

The girls performed their piece more than eight times before they were eliminated. Hundreds of students from all over the state competed in the tournament.

“Wicked” is a humorous piece based on the good and bad witch sisters in the classic children’s book, “The Wizard of Oz.” The girls enhance the piece with their funny gestures and facial expressions to create a lively performance. The twin sisters practice every day and have delighted judges all season with their performance of the duet.

This week the Speech and Debate team will send 13 students to compete at the state tournament in Rock Springs March 15-17.

By Patti Carpenter