Dollar Store targets May opening

The new Family Dollar Store building is well under way and is expected to open around May 23. It seemed like the building went up in one day, but it actually took several weeks to raise the steel shell that will house the business.

Father and son Dee and Brandon Keisel helped put up the steel building shell for the new Family Dollar Store. The Keisels work for Silver Sage Enterprises and have family ties in the community.

According to Gary Bischoff, Superintendent for Overland Construction, the general contractor on the project, his crew has worked around the clock sometimes to keep the project on schedule.

Job applicants, hopeful of a chance for one of the jobs the new business will bring to the community, have already started calling Family Dollar management. According to Bischoff, the company won’t be taking applications until closer to when the store is scheduled to open.

“It looks like a lot is done, but there is still a lot left to do,” said Bischoff. “We still need to put in plumbing, heat, air, windows, doors and the asphalt needs to be put down.”

If the good weather continues, Bischoff expects everything to be ready right on schedule.

By Patti Carpenter