South Project resumes on Nevada Avenue

A sure sign of spring is the resumption of the Lovell water and sewer infrastructure project, and sure enough, the big machines from Wilson Brothers Construction have begun to roll.

A member of the Wilson Brothers Construction crew moves a manhole into place Tuesday on Sixth Street between the Wyoming National Guard Armory and Constitution Park.

The 2011 portion of the South Phase actually continued until January 17 in order to get the water line across the Globe Canal and to residents atop the bench north of Garfield, and on Monday, about 11 weeks later, Wilson Brothers began mobilizing for the spring and summer work to come.

Owner/operator Kim Wilson and project engineer Frank Page said Tuesday that work began Monday, though the project won’t totally gear up until next Monday, April 9.

“We’re trying to get roads back in shape and things cleaned up,” Wilson said. “It was pretty cold and miserable when we shut down in January.”

Wilson Brothers was busy Tuesday installing a new manhole on Sixth Street between the Wyoming National Guard Armory and Constitution Park. The manhole will reach an under-drain system that drains groundwater north and then east from the southeast part of town. Wilson said it was important to get the manhole in before water flows in the Globe Canal.

Starting Monday, Wilson Brothers will start milling asphalt on the upper bench in the area of the hospital and will continue to mill the rest of the project below the hill. People will need to get their cars off the street, Wilson said, and people will be given notice.

The first thing after the milling will be to complete the “Nevada Hill” portion of the project. Page said that means disinfecting and pressure testing the water main and completing service lines, then completing the under-drain from the Globe Canal to the top of the hill. After that, Nevada Avenue can be rebuilt, though it won’t be paved until paving is done late this summer.

“We’ll start at the top of the hill and do all of the water and sewer work first, then work our way into the lower area below the bench,” Wilson said.

Work was under way this week by Wilson Brothers installing water service lines between Seventh and Eighth on Nevada, and Montana-Dakota Utilities has been finishing its gas line project with completion of the main line and resumption of service line connections.

By David Peck