Filing begins today for August primary

Filing period for the August 21 primary election begins today and runs through June 1.

There is one county office open this year, a four-year commission seat currently held by Chairman Jerry Ewen. Ewen announced his intention to run for re-election during the Lincoln Day Dinner in Lovell in March.

Ewen will be contested by semi-retired grant writer Linda Harp of Basin. Harp has run in the past and said, “I still think I can do a good job and I have the time to do it. I hope people will look at my qualifications and the interest I have in being part of good government and give me a chance to serve.

“I came very close to winning a seat in the last election and a lot of people have contacted me and encouraged me to try again. I will be at the clerk’s office bright and early Thursday morning to step up and put my name in the hat to give people an opportunity to stop the madness. By that I mean electing the same people over and over and then expecting a different result. A common sense approach to problem solving will make a difference in how our county government operates.”

Candidates must file with the county clerk for the commission seat. County races are partisan races.

In North Big Horn County, all five mayors are in the middle of their four-year terms, but there are council seats open in every community, sometimes more than the normal two due to appointments. Up are seats held by Scott Allred and Brian Dickson in Lovell, Dexter Woodis Jr., Dennis Woodward and Rob Johnson in Cowley, Marie McCollam and Gilbert Cordova in Byron, Don Wenstrom Jr., Michael Beyer and LaMoine Sorenson in Deaver and Ron Logan, John Ellis, Brenda Kawano and Vance Peregoy in Frannie.

Candidates for municipal offices file with the town clerks in their respective towns. All municipal races are non-partisan.

There is also one seat in the Wyoming Legislature open in North Big Horn County. Rep. Elaine Harvey is expected to run for re-election, seeking her sixth two-year term in the Wyoming House of Representatives serving District 26, although she has made no formal announcement. Sen. Ray Peterson is midway through a four-year term.

Candidates for legislative office must file with the Secretary of State in Cheyenne. Forms are available online at

On the national level, U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis is up for re-election to another two-year term. Sen. John Barrasso, who was elected to finish the term of the late Craig Thomas, is up for a six-year term. Both Republican incumbents are seeking re-election.

Candidates for these partisan races also file at the Secretary of State’s office.

Secretary of State Max Maxfield encourages candidates interested in running for a state office to file their application and pay the required filing fee online during the filing period. Applicants may also download the form and submit it by mail or in person to the respective filing office. Forms and online filing information are available at

“The online filing system provides easy access throughout the state for candidates filing for state offices. The system will be open 24/7 throughout the filing period beginning May 17, but it will close promptly at 5 p.m. on June 1,” Maxfield said.

Republican and Democratic precinct committeemen and women will also be filing starting May 17. Candidates file with the county clerk’s office.

Filing period for candidates for hospital, school board and other special district boards is Aug. 8-27 to be on the ballot for the General Election in November.

Secretary of State Max Maxfield said, “I see the beginning of the filing period as a time that spotlights many opportunities for people to get involved in the election process. The great thing about Wyoming is that we have grass roots elections, so there are tremendous opportunities for individuals to participate in government.”

Maxfield noted that the Secretary of State’s Office will post daily website updates at 4 p.m. throughout the filing period. The updates will include all state candidates who have filed for federal and state offices.

While the May 17 to June 1 filing period applies to major party candidates, minor or provisional parties have until close of business on August 21 to certify any candidates they wish to appear on the General Election ballot.