Rain, debris washes out Globe Canal near Greybull highway

Rains and accumulated debris combined to cause the Globe Canal to break its banks near U.S. 310 on the eastern edge of Lovell Friday night, but the canal was expected to be fully operational by Wednesday morning.

It was a gusher Friday night, but by Saturday morning Globe Canal water was still pouring through the gaping hole in the canal bank.

Canal board member Michael Leonhardt said John Schneider alertly spotted the canal overflowing its banks around 6 p.m. Friday, and the canal bank soon broke, gushing water north into a field owned by Tom Allred and farmed by Dave Bischoff.

Leonhardt said the canal backed up when the culvert under U.S. 310 (the Greybull highway) became plugged with weeds, tree branches and debris, including a large chunk of concrete. At first, it started running over a corner, spilling over the top, then started making a cut and within an hour had washed the bank totally out.

Leonhardt activated a spillway near his place on Lane 12 but said due to the flow it takes an hour and a half for such an act to get the water level down.

With the water slowed, the canal board contracted with Wilson Brothers Construction to make repairs, and Wes Wilson worked Saturday morning and channeled water to the south and “bermed up” the canal for a temporary fix. Work rebuilding the bank started Tuesday, and the canal company ordered a couple hundred feet of pipe to help secure that portion of the canal, Leonhardt said.

“We should be up and running by (Wednesday) morning,” Leonhardt said Tuesday night.

By David Peck