Communities set consensus projects for Big Horn County

The nine municipalities have their consensus projects set for the Big Horn County Consensus Block Grant with the deadline approaching to have the application and resolution to the State Loan and Investment Board in July.

County Grant Writer Maria Eastman said at the monthly mayor’s meeting in Frannie last Thursday that each community presented its request except for Basin. She said Basin still has through next week to submit a project. Basin will receive $151,463.31 for the 2013-2014 biennium.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Basin set the projects as replacing 12 flush tanks on the sewer system, sewer improvement on G Street and Crescent Drive sewer improvement that will require a match from the town and the establishment of a community improvement district to help fund the latter project.

Burlington is seeking their full funding of $61,102.28 to bury the Farmer’s Canal that runs through town due to safety concerns. The Farmer’s Canal is helping with labor for the project, Eastman said.

Manderson is using the $34,193.95 that they were allocated last year to repair their town shop to add to this biennium’s $45,332.15 and construct a new shop instead.

Greybull has requested $79 shy of their full allotted amount at $202,320 for its next phase of waterline replacement.

On the north end, Lovell is requesting its full amount for $248,893.71 for chip sealing streets around town. Cowley is requesting the full $94,364.57 for street resurfacing. Deaver has three projects listed for its $51,132.66 amount — an electrical upgrade, crack sealing project and cementing the town hall parking lot.

Byron is asking for the full $88,745.33 for sewer monitoring so it can begin to develop a plan for a sewer system rehabilitation. Eastman said in the past planning and studies have not been approved by SLIB, but employees at the State Land and Investment Office would not give her an opinion on the Byron project one way or another.

Frannie wants to use just a small portion of its $47,507.34 for a sliding window at the town hall and save the funding for the next biennium so it has enough to complete paving of two streets.

Eastman said unlike in the past, this year’s consensus block grant does not have a deadline for funds to be expended so communities can save the funding to be able to do larger projects.

She said she has recommended that Frannie at least earmark the funding in the consensus block grant so that the funding is attached to a project.

The county commissioners last month voted on the projects for its $416,564.63 — $150,000 to South Big Horn County Critical Access Hospital for the ER and mechanical room renovations; $25,000 for the Hyattville Community Center next phase of renovation; $45,000 to the Basin Fire District for a new truck; $80,000 to the South Big Horn Senior Center for new windows and parking lot repairs; $60,000 for a new boiler at the county annex in Lovell, $24,000 for electrical upgrades at the fairgrounds, $20,000 for heating and air conditioning at the fairgrounds multipurpose room and the final $12,000 to be allocated for continued renovation for the land planning.

It was discussed at last week’s budget work session that the $12,000 could be used for Search and Rescue building repairs on the south end building, but no decision was made.

Eastman said she is requesting final decisions on projects be made next week so she can develop the resolution and get signatures from all mayors on June 25 (north end) and June 26 (south end). The resolution then will be sent to the commissioners for final approval at their regular July 3 meeting.