Bose has ideas, goals for Chamber

A young man who wants to improve and grow the Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce and learn along the way is the new office manager of the Chamber.

Tim Bose, who grew up in Byron and has experience in the restaurant business, replaces Jennie Beal, who recently took a job with the new Family Dollar store in Lovell.

Tim Bose

Bose, a 2007 graduate of Rocky Mountain High School, attended the University of Wyoming for one year, then took a job at Pizza on the Run in Lovell, working at the restaurant for three years, two as manager.

In December of 2010, Bose and partner Michael Bernard moved to Laramie and opened Fat Cat’s Pizza Shack, operating the restaurant until April of 2012.

“It was good but not good enough,” Bose said of the restaurant’s success. “It was definitely a learning experience.”

Bose said he returned home and “took a couple months off” to contemplate his next move, then heard about the Chamber position.

“I prefer to do something where I can learn something rather than do it for a paycheck,” Bose said of his interest in the position. “This is part of my career path.”

Bose said his immediate goals for the Chamber are to streamline the office, provide better access for members to information, offer better referrals to Chamber members from potential customers and provide better networking opportunities for Chamber members.

“The core of our services is information,” he noted.

He also wants to make Chamber bucks easier to access and create a quicker turnaround once the bucks are turned in by a store.

“I’d like to mail them (a check) out the same day,” he said.

Bose would like to create a chamber manager handbook for future employees to help with future transitions.

He would also like to increase attendance at the monthly general membership meetings and plans to walk the streets of north Big Horn County communities to meet business owners and managers and recruit new Chamber members. As part of that process, he wants to build value into a Chamber membership as part of a master plan.

As part of his goal to foster networking, Bose said he wants to use the membership meetings as a platform for “easier and tangible connections among members.”

Ultimately, he said, the goal is to help the business community grow.

“In my opinion, to attract more businesses, the Lovell area needs to first create more business,” he said. “For example, an advertising agency would have a hard time opening up here, but if there were more micro, home-based and startup businesses operating in Lovell, the market would automatically attract these larger, what I call auxiliary businesses.

“These, in turn, bring more money, jobs and residents to the area. It takes businesses to make businesses. So I think the first step to growing Lovell economically is to foster growth of the smaller guys as well as maintaining the success of the existing businesses. The small guys attract the bigger guys.”

By David Peck