No bikes on downtown sidewalks

There has been concern expressed by a citizen about the increased bicycle traffic on the sidewalks in the downtown area. I just want to remind bicycle riders that ordinance 15-05-01-020 “Certain hazardous practices prohibited” states the following:

Nick Lewis

It shall be unlawful for the operator of a bicycle on the streets of the town to engage in any of the hazardous practices here set out:

Riding on the sidewalk on either side of Main Street between Shoshone Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Weaving from side to side upon a street.

Crossing over any portion of a street within a distance of one hundred (100) feet in front of any approaching vehicle.

Reckless or trick riding.

We are starting to have near misses with bicycle operators and pedestrians so I wanted to make sure that those riding bicycles are aware they cannot ride on the sidewalks in the downtown area as stated above.

With many of the businesses’ front doors right on the sidewalk, the bicycle operator and the pedestrian just do not have enough time to avoid each other.

Please, before we have someone seriously injured, use caution, obey all traffic laws and ride safely.