Handsome reward offered for return of fountain pen

From our files:

100 Years Ago

The Cowley Weekly Progress, September 14, 1912

Secretary & Treasurer Wheeler of the Wyoming Electric Light Improvement Co. spent part of the week on the Pryor Mountains, where he went to secure a permit from the forest ranger to cut electric light poles for their Cowley plant. The permit was granted and from now on work will be pushed with vigor until the plant is installed.

75 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, September 13, 1937

LOST—Black and white Parker Vacumatic fountain pen. Probably at softball game at Byron Wednesday night. Return to Chronicle for handsome reward.

50 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, September 13, 1962

Winners in the National Agricultural Educational Division of the annual arc welding competition are Gottlieb Fink and Ray Sessions of Byron, who entered a tandem-wheeled livestock trailer they built as a shop project. The two boys will share the $738 award.

25 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, September 17, 1987

The Big Horn County District No. 2 Board of Trustees came close to closing the Lovell school’s recreational facilities to the public Monday night over concerns about misuse, lack of supervision and loitering. But on the advice of superintendent Glenn Engelking, the board opted to first present the problem to the Lovell Recreation Board to see if a solution can be worked out.