Proud of native son J.R. Vezain

This Wyoming weather sometimes makes a person humble. The spring and summer months have been interesting and dry. It seems that spring didn’t last very long and we were thrown into extremely hot weather in the months of June through August and into September. Then, all of a sudden fall skipped in and it’s been too cold for some of us.

People in town have rushed to harvest their crops and to preserve their vegetables and fruits, and a lot of canning is in the works. The weather has been unseasonably cold this past week and the wind has made it feel cold fast. There have been spurts of rain here and there, but we have not seen much moisture.

With the blink of the eye, it seems, the lower temperatures have arrived.  Beet harvest is in full swing and hopefully the farmers will be able to get their beets out before the hard freeze. When the wind is not blowing, the days warm up just a little and the sunshine still keeps our spirits more hopeful. What strange weather it has been.

The Prairie Grill has replaced the Cowtown Cafe with new owners and good food. It is wonderful to have the cafe up and running again. There seems to be a lot of business, people are in fine spirits with the cafe and we wish them the best as these young people begin their restaurant business. The cafe is redecorated, the motif has changed and it is clean and nice and has new partitions in the main dining area. It is lovely. There have been many customers and we appreciate having a place to stop, visit and enjoy and eat good food.

Last evening I talked to Shilo Christman to learn some facts about her son, J.R. Vezain, who is 20 years old.  When I was substitute teaching a few years ago, he was in high school.  He was the valedictorian of the Rocky Mountain High School graduating class of 2009. He was an excellent student, very quiet, respectful and liked by everyone who knew him. He had many friends, played sports and wrestled. He was a joy to have in the classroom because he was so smart and quick.  J.R. is the son of Shilo and Mark Christman of Cowley and Justin Jarrett of Cody.

After graduating high school he went to college in Casper and then Vernon, Texas.  He then decided to pursue his dream and became a bareback rider.  J.R. is 5-9, weighs about 150 lbs. and through his hard work and dedication to his profession, he is now a professional bareback rider. He travels all over the United States and Canada to be in the rodeos and this year he became number four in the world as a bareback rider. Can you believe that a 20-year-old is fourth in the world?  What an achievement.  This December he will travel to Las Vegas to be in the finals.

J.R. now rides as a professional. He belongs to the PRCA, rides the professional circuit, and qualifies as a professional throughout Canada. He told his mother that his goal this year was to be in the top five in the world, and make at least $100,000 this year.  He made over $112,000 and is currently fourth. He reached his goal and now his dreams are to push his position in the rodeo world to greater heights.

J.R. was quite an asset to this small town and school and now to the rodeo world. And to think he is from Cowley, has grown, pursued and dedicated himself to his life’s work, has traveled all over the country and other countries, has earned money beyond most 20 year olds’ highest dreams and loves his life. We’re proud to know this young man and his family, who encourage his every step.

We hope to hear more about his success and keep him in the limelight more. We wish him well as he moves up in the world and we can only imagine his hard work, his hard traveling, and his life on the road. It certainly has not been easy for him, but look at him soar. We congratulate his family and this young man who is doing so well in life.