From our files: Free cigars for a good healthy smoke given away in 1962

100 Years Ago

The Cowley Weekly Progress

November 1, 1912

Prof. Martin desires to announce that the B.H.A. basketball team is now organized and ready to meet any team between New York and San Francisco. The team this year is fully as strong as that of last year and the boys are eager for a scrap.

75 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

November 4, 1936

While experts from the Western Electric Company are busy installing the new switchboard and equipment in the new telephone building, a crew of men is working on the preparations for a change over to the modern type of phones. The cranks will be removed from the old “model T’s” making them work as an automatic ringer.

50 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

November 1, 1962

A chuckle for today…

C.B. Robertson Hardware ad—Fall clearance sale: Notice-Free cigars will be given to our men customers and friends for a good healthy smoke Thursday; Free paring knives will be given to all ladies shopping at our store Thursday…

25 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

November 5, 1987

The Town of Lovell is looking into helping the Foster Gulch Golf Assn. obtain state money to help fund the continuing development of a new golf course near Lovell. Association President Marion Tippetts came before the council and provided an update on progress to date. Five fairways have been planted, five greens are partially shaped and the ground has been cleared for four other fairways, with shaping yet to come.