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Gambling and slots removed at special town council meeting


100 Years Ago

The Cowley Weekly Progress, November 16, 1912

Yesterday evening the Wyoming Electric Light Improvement Co., turned on the current and for the first time in its history Cowley enjoyed the luxury of electric lights for a few hours, the company just trying out the plant. A slight adjustment of the switchboard and dynamo will remedy any slight defect. In a few more days, the wiring of houses is well along, we will have one of the finest light and power systems in the country.

75 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, November 18, 1937

Official sanction of gambling at card games and all pinball and other slot machines was removed at a special council meeting called by Mayor Gorbutt. Following the meeting the mayor made a trip over the town where games were operating, and into stores with slot machines, and notified them that all gambling must be discontinued. It is expected that card playing for trade chips, or “hickies” as they are known, will be allowed in the front of pool halls, but no card tables in back rooms will be permitted.

50 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, November 15, 1962

Photo: Howard Lusch, outgoing president of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce, shakes hands and wishes C.W. (Bill) Powell well as the next president. Powell stated at the annual dinner that Lovell is presently in an ideal position to move forward. At left is Norman Opp, chamber secretary. Ray Minchow, 2nd vice-president, is at right. Dale Hubbs, 1st vice-president, was unable to attend the dinner.

25 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle, November 19, 1987

A local contractor has been hired as the new manager at Aldrich Lumber in Lovell. Steve McArthur, a contractor in the Lovell area for the last 11 years, was hired the second week of October. He replaces Diane Holl, who took another job in Powell.