Brenden Lundberg photo

Brenden Lundberg wins LMS Geography Bee

How well do you know geography?

Consider these questions:

1. The Town of Bozeman, known for its ranchers, artists and trout fishing, is located north of Yellowstone National Park in what state?

Easy, right. It’s Montana, of course.

Brenden Lundberg photo
Eventual champion Brenden Lundberg looks like he definitely knows the answer to a question during the Lovell Middle School Geography Bee Thursday afternoon.

2. Name the large chain of volcanic islands that stretch about 1,200 miles westward from the Alaska Peninsula.

That one’s not too hard, either. It’s the Aleutian Islands.

Now try this one on for size:

3. The Yaghan were a nomadic tribe indigenous to Tierra del Fuego, an island group that is divided between Argentina and what other country?

The answer: Chile.

Those were the championship round questions in the Lovell Middle School Geography Bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society, and Brenden Lundberg, a sixth-grader, knew two of the three answers to edge eighth-grader Kade Gifford, who also advanced to the final round.

Ten finalists faced off Thursday afternoon in the LMS Commons to battle it out for the top prize under the guidance of LMS geography teacher Bob Geiser. Eighth-graders Kaitlyn Mickelson and Kaitlyn Stevens tied for third place. Other finalists were eighth-graders Kyle Burton and Chris Salyer and seventh-graders Gavin Wilske, Sable Angell, Logan Hitz and Jared Wilkerson.

Lundberg will now advance to the State Geography Bee on April 5. Geiser said he believes the event will be in Casper, though a formal announcement isn’t expected until early February.

By David Peck