From Our Files: January 3

100 Years Ago

The Cowley Weekly Progress

January 11, 2013

Jesse Crosby arrived Home Wednesday from a visit in Utah, full of good cheer and enthusiastic over the splendid time he had while away. He informed us he had arranged to bring the B.Y.U. basketball quint to this city in the very near future. This crack Utah team will play the Big Horn Boosters both here and at Lovell.

75 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

January 6, 1938

Skaters inform us that the ice at the alkali lake along the highway southeast of town is in excellent shape for skating now. Most of the snow is gone from the ice, making plenty of room for all who can get out there for the sport.

50 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

January 10, 1963

During the week of Jan. 2-4, the Lovell school completed its move into new quarters. Earlier, the high school moved into the new building and the junior high took over the south wing of the old building. Grades 5 and 6 moved into the north wing of the old high school building.

25 Years Ago

The Lovell Chronicle

January 14, 1988

The Lovell Post Office celebrated its 100th birthday Monday, Jan. 11, serving cake and pop to customers. The post office was established here in 1888, eight years after Henry C. Lovell, for whom the town is named, first came here.