James Bigham photo

James Bigham

Feb. 27, 1986 – Jan. 8, 2013

James Bigham was born Feb. 27, 1986, in Fruitland, Utah, in a neighbor’s cabin because the trailers had burned down.


James Bigham photo
James Bigham

Shortly after, the family moved to northern California with a homemade trailer pulled by the Travel All.

In March 1988 JD’s brother, Brair, was born in Rio Nido, Calif. The family camped on Rowdy Creek in the northernmost part of California where Bruce worked on the Pelican Bay Prison.

They had many fun times at the scenic beaches. The family names one favorite cove Brair Beach. Josh took young JD fishing on the mighty Klamath River. The family also went to a salmon feed done by a local Indian family. The salmon was cooked on redwood shingles above a pit fire on the beach.

They often lived in a large army mess tent. (JD’s dad knew how to make a good camp.) The last camp was at Parker’s Campground in Guerneville, Calif.

In October of 1989 his mother Tonee, took JD and his siblings home to Wyoming. They stayed out at the ranch with Grampa Royce and Gramma Marian Tillett until January of 1991 when they moved to a trailer in Byron, where they met the Kreis, their first family friends. They took many trips out to the property on Crooked Creek and played in the rocky hills nearby.

In the fall of 1992 JD started school in Byron and then went to Parkside Elementary in Powell while his mom went to nursing school during his second grade. In August of 1994 Bruce came to Wyoming and was glad to be back with the family.

In the fall of 1995 when JD was in the fourth grade the family moved to Lovell. During high school in Lovell JD played football and graduated in 2004 with honors.

From the fall of 2004 to the spring of 2007 JD was enrolled in NWC with a double major in art and business. In 2006 he went to Peru with his Spanish class and visited Machu Piccu/Lake Titicaca.

In 2010 son Bruce Cayden Bigham (whom JD affectionately called Baby Bruce Lil’ham) was born to JD and Jenna Bauers on Nov. 12 at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

JD had been working in the North Dakota oil fields and changed to the coal mines in Roundup, Mont. to be closer to his little family. He enjoyed the Billings social scene and the boat trips during the summer of 2010 on Big Horn Lake with Mom and Dad. JD was a very loving dad to baby Bruce.

James died Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013, in Powell. Services were held Friday, Jan. 11, at 7 p.m., at Haskell Funeral Home. An interment ceremony was held Saturday at the Bigham Family Cemetery on Crooked Creek.

He is survived by father Bruce Bigham, mother Tonee Bigham, son Bruce Cayden Bigham, sister Sheleen Smith, sister Adreinne Mumford, sister Erica Cote, brother Joshua Bigham, sister Shinehah Bigham, sister Cressa Bigham, brother Shay Bigham, brother Maiss Bigham, sister Tia Bigham, brother Brair Bigham, grandmother Marian Tillett, three nieces and two nephews.


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