Barracudas peaking at the right time

Is the new Worland pool really fast? The new personal bests posted by the Barracudas showed that it’s either the Worland water or … hard work?

When the last swimmers climbed out of that pool Feb. 17 knowing they gave all they had, the results showed just how far the Barracudas have come this season. While not in the team running this year, local swimmers proved once again that they can compete with the bigger teams in the conference. The Big Horn Basin Conference meet gives swimmers a chance to compete against local teams from Powell, Cody, Riverton, Worland, Greybull/Basin, Lander and local unattached swimmers. With bragging rights up for grabs, the meet takes on a championship aura and everyone pushes themselves and teammates to previously unattainable times.

The Barracuda swimmers notched 12 more State ‘A’ qualifying times at the meet, and those who didn’t quite make a q-time took more time off their personal bests. New q-times were posted by: Emily Doughty 200 Back and 100 Back; Anna Fuller 200 IM; Seth Fuller 200 Back, 200 Free, 200 IM, 100 Back; Aly Schneider 200 Back, 500 Free and 100 Back.

Posting first and second place finishes at the meet were Colby Doughty, 2nd, 200 IM. Anna Fuller 2nd, 200 IM. Seth Fuller 1st: 200 Back, 200 Free, 200 IM, 2nd: 50 free, 100 Free, 100 Back. Aly Schneider 1st: 400 IM, 100 Breast, 2nd: 50 free, 200 Back, 100 Free, 200 Free, 500 Free, Richard Spann: 2nd, 100 Fly.

Conference Results

Boys 08&U – 25 Free: 14th Nathan Fuller, 25.30Y. 50 Back: 11th N. Fuller, 1:00.96Y. 50 Free: 11th N. Fuller, 1:03.66Y.

Girls 09-10 – 50 Free: 4th, Anna Fuller, 36.73Y. 50 Fly: 12th A. Fuller, 51.71Y. 100 Back: 6th A. Fuller, 1:35.63Y. 100 Breast: 3rd A. Fuller, 1:45.03Y. 200 IM: 2nd A. Fuller, 3:30.11Y.

Boys 09-10 – 50 Free: 3rd Colby Doughty, 36.55Y. 100 Free: 3rd C. Doughty, 1:25.18Y. 200 IM: 2nd C. Doughty, 3:31.48Y. 50 Breast: 4th C. Doughty, 49.82Y. 100 IM: 4th C. Doughty, 1:38.79Y. 50 Back: 4th C. Doughty, 48.76Y.

Boys 11-12 – 50 Free: 9th Jared Fuller, 33.69Y. 10th Justin Dausman, 35.97Y. 50 Fly: 5th Richard Spann, 40.12Y. 8th J. Fuller, 43.70Y. 100 Back: 4th R. Spann, 1:28.00Y. 5th J. Fuller, 1:30.21Y. 7th Justin Dausman, 1:38.29Y. 100 Free: 6th J. Fuller, 1:16.12Y. 9th Dausman, 1:22.98Y. 100 Breast: 6th R. Spann, 1:46.53Y. 200 IM: 4th R. Spann, 3:13.99Y. 5th J. Fuller, 3:16.03Y. 200 Free: 5th R. Spann, 2:43.42Y. 100 Fly: 2, R. Spann, 1:31.45Y. 50 Breast: 6th R. Spann, 48.61Y. 100 IM: 7th R. Spann, 1:30.42Y. 50 Back: 6th R. Spann, 42.32Y.

Girls 13-14 – 50 Free: 2nd Alyssa Schneider, 28.81Y. 8th Katelyn Doughty, 29.99Y. 100 Fly: 3rd Emily Doughty, 1:16.82Y. 5th K. Doughty, 1:21.88Y. 200 Back: 2nd Schneider, 2:41.65Y. 3rd E. Doughty, 2:42.04Y. 4th K. Doughty, 2:43.73Y. 100 Free: 2nd Schneider, 1:04.51Y. 4th E. Doughty, 1:05.12Y. 6th K. Doughty, 1:05.72Y. 400 IM: 1st Schneider, 5:57.45Y. 200 Free: 2nd Schneider, 2:24.24Y. 100 Breast: 1st Schneider, 1:26.02Y. 5th E. Doughty, 1:31.17Y. 8th K. Doughty, 1:35.56Y. 500 Free: 2nd Schneider, 6:39.51Y. 3rd K. Doughty, 6:40.36Y. 100 Back: 4th Schneider, 1:15.16Y. 5th E. Doughty, 1:16.08Y. 6th K. Doughty, 1:16.73Y.

Boys 13-14 – 50 Free: 2nd Seth Fuller, 27.16Y. 200 Back: 1st S. Fuller, 2:33.02Y. 100 Free: 2nd S. Fuller, 1:01.11Y. 200 Free: 1st S. Fuller, 2:17.98Y. 200 IM: 1st S. Fuller, 2:38.02Y. 100 Back: 2nd S. Fuller, 1:11.06Y.

Girls 15-Ov – 50 Free: 11th Angela Spann, 30.15Y. 100 Free: 12th A. Spann, 1:11.29Y. 100 Breast: 8th A. Spann, 1:27.94Y. 200 IM: 8th A. Spann, 3:08.74Y. 100 Back: 11th A. Spann, 1:33.01Y.

Boys 15-Ov – 50 Free: 6th Ross Fuller, 25.98Y. 100 Breast: 2nd R. Fuller, 1:15.65Y.

State meets

The Wyoming Swimming ‘B’ championship meet was held at the Riverton HS pool Feb. 22-23. Competing in the ‘last-chance’ meet from Lovell and Cowley were Richard Spann, Jared Fuller and Justin Dausman. Although all three boys swam to personal bests, they did not qualify for the State ‘A” meet. Results – Boys 11-12 50 Free: 3rd Richard Spann, 33.34Y; 4th Jared Fuller, 33.52Y; 5th Justin Dausman, 38.09Y. 100 Fly: 1st Spann, 1:34.07Y; 3rd Fuller, 1:44.77Y. 50 Back: 1st Spann, 41.66Y; 2nd Fuller, 41.75Y; 5th Dausman, 46.55Y. 100 Breast: 2nd Dausman, 1:48.66Y; 3rd Fuller, 1:51.52Y. 200 Free: 1st Spann, 2:40.68Y; 3rd Fuller, 2:45.12Y. 100 Free: 2nd Fuller, 1:13.55Y; 3rd Spann, 1:16.11Y; 5th Dausman, 1:25.52Y. 100 IM: 2nd Spann, 1:30.37Y; 3rd Fuller, 1:30.69Y. 50 Fly: 2nd Fuller, 43.43Y. 100 Back: 1st Fuller, 1:27.48Y; 2nd Spann, 1:31.42Y. 50 Breast: 1st Spann, 47.52Y; 2nd Dausman, 48.54Y; 3rd Fuller, 49.33Y.

The ‘A’ championship meet is set for this weekend in Laramie. Meeting qualifying times and attending the meet are Colby, Emily and Katelyn Doughty; Anna, Nathan, Seth and Ross Fuller; and Alyssa Schneider.

Seth Fuller competed for Powell High School at the 3A Boys State Championship meet Feb. 22-23 in Gillette. Fuller competed but did not place in the 200 IM and 100 Free. Lander Valley HS made it 17 championships in a row and the PHS team finished fourth.

By Pat Parmer