It’s Lovell Chronicle day!

The Lovell Chronicle has it’s own day in 2013! It’s TODAY, Feb. 15! Here is the Town of Lovell proclamation:


Lovell Chronicle Recognition

Whereas, The Lovell Chronicle has received recognition for general excellence, advertising excellence and was also awarded the Pacemaker Sweepstakes trophy for the most individual Pacemaker awards, and

Whereas, The Town of Lovell also recognizes the excellence and leadership in journalism of the Lovell Chronicle owner and staff, and

Whereas, The Town desires to commend them for their work and recognize their contributions to the quality of life in our community, 

Therefore, I, Bruce Morrison, Mayor, proclaim that February 15, 2013 be designated as Lovell Chronicle Day within the town of Lovell in recognition of their awards. 

Dated this 12th day of February.

Mayor R. Bruce Morrison

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  1. Congratulations to the Lovell Chronicle for Excellence in Publishing! I grew up riding my bike to the back door of the Chronicle office to see if it was Hot off the Press, yet! Now, I get your Facebook feeds all the way in Italy! Beth Winterholler Petty

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