Median no more

Town council votes to not replace median strip after 2014 removal


The median strip in downtown Lovell is coming out with the street and infrastructure project of 2014, and it’s not coming back.

That was the decision of the Lovell Town Council following a public hearing prior to the regular council meeting at town hall Tuesday night.

The median strip must be removed during the project that will include a Wyoming Dept. of Transportation street overlay and a Town of Lovell water and sewer main project because the sewer main runs directly down the middle of Main Street, Mayor Bruce Morrison said in his introduction to the hearing Tuesday. But while project funding would pay for the median strip’s removal, the Town of Lovell would have to come up with the money to replace the median at an estimated $200,000 to $250,000.

Morrison said opinions were taken on the issue at a public meeting in April of 2012, but he wanted to provide one more chance for people to voice their opinions, with WyDOT wanting to have something on file as planning for the Main Street project continues.

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  1. The medium strip has been a source of pride to the people of Lovell every since
    it was put in. I worked on the project and everyone was so happy to see Lovell
    grow up. It has been kept up and provides a progressive look.

    If you can’t drive in Lovell try Powell, Cody, Thermopolis. Worland, and other Bighorn
    basins. towns.

  2. I was in Lovell when the medians were put in, in fact I worked on the project. Everyone was
    so proud to see Lovell with a great new Main Street complete with a medium. It still
    gives Main a polished look, look at other towns with medians and at towns without medians.
    Which looks best? Keep it!!

  3. Please, please, please… DO NOT put those medians back in. They are such an impedance to driving in Lovell

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