Digital conversion at the Hyart is impressive

The thrill of the Hyart Theatre grand re-opening in 2004 can never be topped when it comes to memories of Lovell’s grand movie palace, but I can tell you that after watching the digital conversion take place at the theater over the course of the last week, I absolutely cannot wait to see the first movie at the Hyart with its enhanced picture and sound quality.

David Peck
David Peck

There truly will be no moviegoing experience like a movie at the Hyart. The new NEC projector is state of the art, and the 4K DLP (digital light processing) system is just about the best in the business, installer Mark Gulbrandsen and equipment distributor Randy Barker told me this week.

The resolution of the 4K system is actually four times that of the current 2K systems being used at 95 percent of digital theaters in the United States, Gulbrandsen told me, and the Hyart’s projector is the only 4K in the region: the only 4K projector in the Big Horn Basin and points beyond. Even Billings doesn’t have a 4K projector, Gulbrandsen told me.

The picture will be “brighter, sharper and clearer,” Gulbrandsen said, not only because of the 4K projector but also because of the brand new screen that was installed Saturday. The new screen will be noticeably brighter than the old screen, which had yellowed a bit with age.

As for the sound, there are 27 new speakers in place around the theater: eight speakers along each side wall, four on the back wall and seven – four dual 18-inch sub-woofers and three “tri-amplified” left, center and right speakers – behind the new screen.

The speakers behind the screen are huge, and the sound system has close to 10,000 watts of amplified power in 7.1 surround sound. It’s not designed to blow you out of your seat, but the clarity of sound will be much better and the surround sound true. No doubt about it, moviegoers will notice the higher quality sound immediately.

“It’s going to sound freakin’ awesome,” is how Barker put it. “The sound and picture will be phenomenal.”

With its rich history, 900-plus seat capacity, new 20-by-40-foot screen and cutting edge digital projection and sound system, there will not be a finer cinematic experience than the Hyart available to moviegoers in wide radius.

And it’s all due to the love this community has for our grand old lady of motion pictures and the amazing generosity of people willing to “keep the lights on.” This week’s digital conversion is a fitting addition to the legacy of Hy Bischoff, who had a vision of the best movie theater in the west 64 years ago and made it happen. Hy always kept up with the latest technology, and he would be proud to see what has been taking place this week.

As for me…I can’t wait!