Goat takes a stroll down Main Street

A few days ago early morning on my way to town hall, in the middle of the road was a goat. He looked friendly enough and unlike the goat I wrote about last summer, this guy seemed somewhat tame. I knew he belonged on the other side of the fence in a nearby yard and proceeded to coax him to the gate where he happily bounced inside the yard to be with his other goat buddies.

I had to chuckle about the surprises I have living rurally, and knew my city friends would get a hoot out of that little ritual of livestock keeping. It has been fun to see all of the new babies sidled up to their mothers in the fields around town.

Jeff Noall is new to farming, or is it ranching?  He has chickens and cattle and a garden. You decide.  He is new to the cattle business and is thrilled to have 19 new baby calves with eight on the way. He is soon to move them to another field, which should prove exciting. I remember this spring when he and his wife Jenny were herding them down the highway and doing their best to make them go where they are supposed to go. Cows have a mind of their own, but in the end they all were where they were supposed to go.  Hope I am around to watch the next migration to the river bottom.

* * *

Speaking of babies, with graduation looming, it is with mixed emotions I talk with moms who have one last baby to push out of that safe nest.  Simone Rausch was sharing how fast the time has gone and at the same time how excited she is for all of the fun activities Sienna has been involved in with school.

Sienna recently returned from the trip to Washington and New York that her sociology class went on. The brave teachers who went along were Josh Collins and Geranne Rasmussen. A few willing parents went along as chaperones.  After a rocky start, which involved some cancelled flights and delays in Billings, the girls group ended up flying to Seattle and then arriving in D.C. to meet up with the boys about 10 minutes before their tour began. They hit all of the important historical spots. I asked her what her favorite was out of all of the museums and monuments.  She thought for a while and then shared that it had to be the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

“Because so many gave so much for freedom,” she said.

The Holocaust museum was also memorable.

“We went in a room where there were millions of shoes on display. It was very sad and depressing,” she said.

On their one free day in New York what did she do?  What else?  Shop.

Simone is also very proud of her older son Matthew, who is a graduate of Rocky Mountain High School and NWC.  He has been part of security forces in the Air Force.  He is now assigned to a training team and has reported to the Tactical Response Force. (His mom clarifies it is kind of like a SWAT team). He will be in Guernsey, Wyo., for intense training for six weeks with other TRF people from various bases. After training he will go to Great Falls until further notice. It’s nice to hear what is going on with our students both current and former.

* * *

Word is out that our town is having an official “spring to it” clean-up day. It will be Saturday, May 11. There is talk of pancakes and breakfast and garbage bags and town help and everyone cooperating to work together. Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly. There will be more information coming, but in the meantime, we all have time to take a little walk around and about outside our homes and see where we can spruce things up a bit. If there is help needed, we can find help.

Byron Solid Waste will bring dumpsters and the town will be on hand to scoop and dump. Friends and neighbors working together can make a big difference.  Hopefully, we can all catch the clean up spirit.

The Lions Club is sponsoring their annual Lions Club Auction this Saturday, April 20, at 6:30 p.m., at the Byron Bar. They have been very busy gathering a variety of items and I understand it is a great fundraiser every year. Hope you can attend.