Music memories: Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson

Air Force Staff Sergeant, Structural Craftsman

School: Lovell High School band

• My favorite memory from my school music career is:  Trips to honor band gatherings such as the Festival of Winds at the University of Wyoming. It was a wonderful experience to work with talented people from other communities and an opportunity to push ourselves to perform more challenging pieces. Second to that is performing in the Vespers concerts with the NWC staff.

• What I learned from school music which has helped me most in life is: Is that an effective leader who is capable of clearly articulating a vision and objective can take a group of people of various skill levels from diverse backgrounds and produce a cohesive unit in a very short amount of time.

• How I use what I’ve experienced in school music in my career: I have to clearly articulate the standards of military life to young subordinates and guide and build them so they can be an effective part of a team. What I learned in music is that an effective leader looks at all the pieces assembled and fits the right person to the right place at the right time.

Other comments: Second to the lessons I learned in debate at both the high school and collegiate levels, band was one of the most valuable classes I participated in. In band, even more so than some team sports, a person has to be able to effectively work as a teammate because unlike in the realm of athletics, there is no one to cover for your poor performance.