Pine joins Lovell Police Department

Randy Pine said his move to join the Lovell Police department is like “coming home” for him since he was raised in the area and still has family here.

Randy Pine
Randy Pine

Pine joined LPD as an officer earlier this month and, due to his already extensive law enforcement background, will only require minimal time at the academy.

“We are excited to have Randy onboard,” said Lovell Police Chief Nick Lewis. “He has quite a bit of experience, both military and civilian, and we think he will be a good fit for our department. He is excited to be back where he has spent some time in the past and he wants to be here. So we think he will do well.”

Pine attended Lovell High School with the graduating class of 1989.

“The town has changed some, it has actually matured some,” said Pine. “It has had some growth that is very pleasant to see. It was unexpected to see, but it’s good. It’s nice that it didn’t grow massively huge because it’s nice to return home to my small town after having been in city after city at the military bases.”

Pine was most recently a police officer in Evansville, a suburb of Casper. Pine said the amount of crime in his previous job was much higher than what he expects to see in the Lovell area and he looks forward to a “slow down” in that regard.

“In the departments I served in before, we were all about responding after the fact,” explained Pine. “In a small town department like this, we are able to be more proactive and can actually prevent crime.”

Prior to working on the Evansville police force, Pine worked as a federal officer for the Dept. of Defense. He said he hopes to share some of that training with the other officers in Lovell, but said he “prayfully hopes he will never have to use it here,” citing the recent events in Boston as the type of thing he is trained to deal with.

“I’m going to bring a lot to the table here, but I hope I never have to use it,” said Pine.

Pine said after some recent life-changing events and leaving the Dept. of Defense he just wanted to come home.

“I have an aunt, uncle and cousins here and my grandparents are buried up on the hill,” he said. “I grew up going to school here and going to church here. I’ll be attending the same church my grandfather helped build from the ground up (Assembly of God). The community has changed just enough to be a pleasant surprise, and I am happy to be home again. I expect to retire here and I know someday when I pass from this life that I will be buried up on the hill next to my grandparents.”

By Patti Carpenter