Referendum signatures insufficient

State Capital – The Secretary of State’s Office has notified sponsors of the proposed referendum on Senate Enrolled Act 1 (original Senate File 104) that the petition filed on May 28, 2013, did not have the number of signatures required by the Wyoming Constitution.

Cindy Hill

“Our office counted the signatures on the petitions and determined that the requirements of Section 52, Article 3 of the Wyoming Constitution were not satisfied, “said Peggy Nighswonger, State Election Director.

“Petitions were required to have the signatures of 37,606 registered voters which represented 15% of those voting in the 2012 general election. The petitions filed with the Secretary of State earlier this week contained 21,991 signatures; therefore, the petition is insufficient,” said Nighswonger.

“Because the filing did not meet the legal filing requirement of containing 37,606 signatures, there was no further examination to validate each signature,” she added.