Mosquito abatement continues in Lovell

Are mosquitoes biting you? It is that time of year that people are spending more time outside and they are hoping that they aren’t driven indoors sooner than desired. The Town of Lovell staff reports that they are doing their part to help control the mosquito population within the town limits through specific abatement programs.

Gary Emmett, Parks Manager who oversees the mosquito control program for the town says that his crew has been trying to stay on top of the pesky buggers and is keeping them under control.

“I have attended a couple of workshops and training seminars earlier in the year, one of which was offered by the University of Wyoming and the City of Laramie, where we did a lot of hands-on training both out in the field and in the lab, identifying the species of mosquitoes,” said Emmett. “Wyoming has 45 identified species of mosquitoes, and they can live in many different types of environments.”

Emmett said the town has four monitoring traps strategically placed throughout the town limits that are used to trap and collect mosquitoes at night. The traps are emptied each morning and mosquitoes are then identified to see which species are in the area.

Emmett explained that wet vegetation in yards is prime habitat for mosquito growth. Even areas of turf can be breeding grounds. The surrounding agriculture crops, located close to the town limits, also contribute, as there is always an increase of mosquito populations each time the fields are harvested.

“We see and hear the fogging machine that the town uses in the early evening hours, weather permitting, to control the flying adults,” explained Emmett. “However, the town applies a granulated product known as a larvacide to control the early stages of the mosquito life cycle. This method can control millions of larvae effectively before they start flying.”

Emmett recommends that individuals with concerns about the town’s mosquito program contact Town Hall.