Tanker truck crash spills oil south of Lovell

01-16-2014_100_0847_WreckBy David Peck
A morning tanker truck crash south of Lovell kept Lovell volunteer firemen and cleanup crews busy well into the night Tuesday to contain oil that drained from the ruptured tank.
Wyoming Highway Trooper Scott Hall said a Geodyne Transport semi-truck with a tanker and a pup driven by 59-year-old Bruce Siggard of Salt Lake City was traveling south on U.S. 310 Tuesday morning about 9:52 a.m. some seven miles south of Lovell at the Georgia-Pacific turnoff when Siggard lost control on the slippery highway and entered the west ditch in a broad-side skid. The tractor and lead trailer tipped over, and the pup disconnected and rolled off, Hall said.
The roll ruptured the main tank, spilling some 2,500 gallons of hot oil bound for Utah from a Montana refinery, which flowed into the borrow ditch. Hot oil is used for tarring roads, Hall explained.
“It’s basically one big tar pit out there,” Hall said.
A Worland Fire Dept. hazmat team came to the site and assessed the situation, the trooper said, then diked the spill to contain it. He said the trucking company or its insurance provider will be responsible for cleaning the spill.
Siggard was transported to North Big Horn Hospital with back pain, treated and released, Hall said. Lovell firemen and EMTs assessed him in the truck at the site, then helped him climb out the door and down a ladder. He was cited for speed too fast for conditions.
Also assisting at the scene were Trooper Dan Walker, Sheriff Ken Blackburn and sheriff’s deputies. Off duty trooper Blain Mollett was one of the first on the scene and called emergency responders to the scene. He also assisted in getting the driver out of the truck.