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Get ready for spring, starting thinking about seeds

Gary Emmett
Gary Emmett

I would have to say that this has to have been one of the snowiest winters that I can remember. Maybe it would be truer to say one of the snowiest Februarys, since most of the snow did fall during late January and the month of February. And then there has been the cold. It has just been cold.

However, this week it seems that we have turned the corner and the weather is starting to warm for the season. I know we still have March and April to contend with and Mother Nature sure does like to throw curve balls at us, but it is starting to warm up and look like spring.

As the snow continues to melt, we will see the transformation of trees starting to swell their buds, tufts of grass will start to green and maybe, just maybe, we will see some daffodils and tulips bloom their flowers. But alas, I think I am getting ahead of myself.

Due to the lingering cold and snow, I have delayed my ordering of garden seeds. I know I should have done it earlier, but for some reason, I just didn’t do it earlier. March has now begun and I have just placed one of my seed orders, and now I have to wait to receive my seeds. However, I won’t be sitting idle during my wait. I have to get everything ready for when the seeds do come, so I can get them planted.

Before you, too, get excited about your garden, remember that there is a time and a season for all things. Not all seeds have to be started this early. If you are planting a garden this coming May, there are certain seeds that can be planted directly into the garden and then some plants need to be started by seed early. The best thing to do is to have a plan of what you want to have in your garden. And just because you helped in the family garden while growing up, things are really a bit different now that you have grown up. If this happens to be your first year for a garden, start small. I would actually suggest buying most of your plants from a greenhouse or garden center rather than starting them by seed.

Starting plants from seed for your garden takes more than just placing a few seeds in a paper cup that has some soil in it. You must have extra light, plenty of water, a warm spot and extra light to keep your plants healthy and growing. Did I mention you need extra light to grow your plants? The light from the kitchen window does not provide enough light to grow healthy plants. I actually use two shop lights to grow my plants under. New seedlings need lots of light.

If you are wondering which garden plants need to be started from seed now, you would want to start your tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli now. If you like eggplant, that should be started soon, too. Don’t worry about planting any squash or melons yet. You can wait until about the first of May to start those indoors, or actually wait and directly sow those seeds in the garden around June 1.

If you would like to attend a class on seed starting, I will be teaching a gardening class, free to the public, on the evening of Thursday, March 13, at 7 p.m. This will be held in the hospitality room at Big Horn Federal hospitality room in Lovell. During this class, we will discuss the steps in starting seeds for your garden and the equipment and supplies that you will need. This is an informal garden club setting for anyone who is interested.

Yes, the snow is melting. I even saw a robin earlier this week. I am finally getting excited for spring.