Lyle Vernon Moncur

Dec. 11, 1928 – Feb. 15, 2014

Lyle Vernon Moncur, of Hurricane, Utah, died on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014, in St. George, Utah.  He was born on Dec.11, 1928, in Lovell.  He was the oldest of four sons born to Vernon Wilder Moncur and Hazel Afton Goodrich.  He was married to Sue Tebbs, daughter of the late Cal and Reba Marchant Tebbs on, June 30, 1947, in Billings.

Lyle (Whitey) was raised in Lovell, where he participated in all of the work associated with life on the family farm. He helped with the animals, hoed sugar beets, harvested alfalfa and took his turns with the irrigation water. Life required hard work, but after the chores were done there was fun to be had and adventures to enjoy. Life was good.

Lyle enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing baseball. His favorite class in high school was shop and his favorite teacher was his 4-H instructor, Mr. Spence. Whitey also played the saxophone in the school band. His parents bought a school bus to help get the children in the country to school and at a young age Whitey was designated to be the bus driver. He would have rather played sports, but he drove the bus, and though it at times created trouble for him, he occasionally took the bus to go “acourting” in Cowley.

After his marriage to Sue, Lyle went to work for his father in the Shoshone LP Gas business. While living in Cody and Powell two sons were born. Lyle supplemented the family income by playing in the Carroll Whalen Dance Band on the weekends.

The young family moved to Lewistown, Mont., in 1953, where they expanded the gas business into the Lewistown LP Gas Company. Most of their lives were spent in Lewistown, and three daughters were born to them while there. Whitey was active in the Eagles and the JCs. He helped to bring the Western Invitational Tournament to Lewistown. He was an avid bowler and for fun he and Sue and the boys would race go-carts.

He continued to return to Wyoming to hunt and fish but on some days he would just drop a line in Spring Creek behind the shop and catch a few fish for supper. He enjoyed boating during the summers on Canyon Ferry Reservoir near Helena and later on the Inland Passage near Campbell River, B.C.

All of the skills he learned as a young man sustained him through his life and career in the family business. Lyle was smart. He was a hard worker and a good businessman. He loved to get the best deal possible and he could drive a hard bargain. As his business grew, he began soil testing and selling fertilizer to the farmers of central Montana. The growth of the business led him to organize Moncur Trucking as a more efficient way to transport product to sell.

Whitey and Sue retired and moved to Hurricane, Utah, to be near their family. Whitey made a few friends, invested in 4-wheelers and began to explore the red hills of southern Utah.  He would always miss his friends in Montana and Wyoming, but he was glad to be near his daughter as his health failed.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Sue Tebbs Moncur; two sons, David T. Moncur and Kenneth Lyle Moncur; a brother, Don Joseph (Pete) Moncur;  daughter-in-law Kathryn Lalani Raleigh Moncur and four grandchildren, Cicely Kathleen, Ty Chandler, Jason Brett and Chelsea Christine Moncur.

He is survived by his three daughters Colleen M. (Scott) Colton, Connie Sue (Shane) Colton and Nancy Kathleen (Lynn) Richins; brothers Robery Merrill Moncur and Max Goodrich Moncur; 15 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.  Two more will be born in 2014.

There will be no local services held at this time. Graveside services will be held in Lewistown, Mont., in July 2014 near his wife, sons and grandchildren.

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