Sometimes the best examples in our lives come in quiet, unassuming packages.

David Peck
David Peck

Our community lost a tremendous supporter of our youth last week with the death of Chris Pearson. Chris was as faithful a follower and supporter of our local kids and their various activities as anyone we’ve known.

Some people are avid fans of school sports and activities as long as their kids are involved, then fade away once the kids graduate. Chris started with her own kids – Dan, Matt and Doug Russell – as a baseball mom and then kept going.

She has been to more games, concerts, art shows and other events over the years than she could probably count. But she did it quietly, with a personal touch, rather than with rah-rah rooting and back-slapping.

She had a good and kind nature, a quick smile and an easy laugh.

Chris lost her battle with cancer last Thursday, May 1, and since then people too numerous to list have told how she touched their lives or their children’s lives – simply because she cared, because she paid attention.

Said one person, “She was always (my daughter’s) champion.  She always gave her the desire to be more.”

Others noted how she knew and appreciated the particular activity their son or daughter was involved in and always noted their achievements. The kids themselves felt her support over the years and are also saddened by her passing.

A strong supporter of education, Chris served on the Lovell School Board for six years and was a very active board member, not only attending events but getting into the schools and classrooms to observe.

She also served over the years as a substitute teacher, reading coach and tutor. She was proud of the kids who stayed eligible to compete in athletics under her watch.

Chris did none of this for personal gain. She simply cared. And loved kids.

And perhaps the most amazing thing about Chris Pearson is that she did it over the last eight years while fighting through physical challenges that would have defeated a lesser person in the wake of a 2006 car crash. She was as courageous as they come, and husband Jeff – himself a big supporter of our youth — was a tremendous help to her through the years, always at her side.

Chris Pearson had a huge heart and a great love for her family, her friends, her community, the many students she supported, her church and her Lord. She was a person of great loyalty.

As members of this community, we can learn from her example.

 – David Peck