Creative projects top Lovell Library book art contest

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What do an elephant, a Ferris wheel and birdhouse have in common? They are all clever sculptures made from recycled books entered in this year’s library book art contest sponsored by the Lovell Public Library.

Librarian Donna Capellen introduced the idea of distributing old books that would otherwise be discarded to be made into art by participants in the contest.

The contest was originally intended for youth from kindergarten through 12th grade but included an adult division this year.

The idea is not new. Numerous web sites will point those interested in this type of project to books already written on the topic and many other resources.

This year’s winners include (in the adult division) Sabrea Oberholtzer, first place, for her birdhouse; James Brinkerhoff, second place, for his airplane mobile and Bet Brinkerhoff, third place, for her basket.

In the high school division, Bonnie Bates took first place for her elephant. In the 7th- to 9th-grade division Jaret Collins took first place for his Ferris wheel. In the grades 4th to 6th division Maddie Collins took first place with her piano; Merisa Collins took second place with her merry-go-round and Hunter Mayes took third place with his desert.  In the kindergarten through 3rd-grade division Zane Collins took first place with his robot; Cecilia Collins took second place with her hot air balloons and Emma Collins took third place with her ribbon.

While most participants in this year’s contest opted to take their art home after the contest, several projects from previous years are on permanent display in the library.

By Patti Carpenter

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