West Main in Lovell being widened

05-08-2014_DSC_7653_MainStreetConstructionWest Main Street in Lovell is getting a makeover.

Crews working on the Lovell Streets Main Street reconstruction and water and sewer project noticed something very quickly as they worked at the west end of Main recently: the westbound lanes on the north side of Main at Great Western Avenue heading into the sugar factory S curve are narrower than the eastbound lanes on the south side.

“It was noted by the construction workers during two-way traffic in the north lanes that it wasn’t wide enough,” said Lovell Councilman Brian Dickson, who has been overseeing the project for the town.

This week workers removed the curb on the north side of the street and began filling the space with gravel, cutting the curb from Great Western Ave. west, Dickson said. The project involves cutting five feet into the Western Sugar Cooperative lawn as well as cutting into the west rose garden, with the cut growing from east to west to reach four feet.

All of the cuts are within the State right-of-way, WyDOT Public Affairs Specialist Cody Beers said.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Beers said, noting that in the past two trucks couldn’t navigate the corner side-by-side moving east to west. “We’re going to fix it and make it right. It will enhance driver safety in the future.”

Beers said the Wyoming Dept. of Transportation has verbally approved the change to the street project, which will be taken care of under the WyDOT portion of the project. The cost of the fix is $33,000, Beers said.

As for the other facets of the project, the sugar factory is currently on temporary water while the water line on Great Western is replaced, Dickson said, noting that an eight-inch line is being replaced by a 10-inch line to the factory for better fire control flow.

The irrigation drain line that crosses Main at Great Western has been completed on the north side of the street, and work will cross over to the south side this week, Dickson said. Meanwhile, water line work is proceeding along Great Western Ave., as well.

By David Peck