Police crack down on speeders in construction zones on Main Street

According to Police Chief Nick Lewis, motorists who do not follow the posted speed limits in the construction zones on Main Street in Lovell will receive a citation. He added that pretty much all of Main Street is a construction zone and will remain so throughout the summer.

Lewis said the LPD is receiving numerous complaints that motorists are driving faster than the posted limits, which are in some places as low as 20 mph. He said he is also receiving complaints that many motorists are not maintaining the lower speed until they reach the next sign announcing an increase in speed. He said he has also received complaints of motorists not staying within the cones that designate temporary lanes.

“The speed limits are now being strictly enforced,” said Lewis. “This is for the safety of everyone involved, especially people who are working close to traffic. We are not going to allow those breaking the law to jeopardize the safety of these workers. Our goal is to get through this construction project without any injuries or fatalities.”

Lewis noted that fines are higher in construction zones. He said radar trailers have been placed in certain areas to remind motorists of their speed.

By Patti Carpenter