Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area lists campfire talks for August

CampfireAugust is going to be a big month for campfire talks at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

In the south district, Ranger Elgart will be discussing a close-up view of the canyon with her talk “Do You See What I See? – An In-Depth LOOK (and more!) at Bighorn Canyon.” Ranger Elgart will also be performing a talk on the diversity of life that exists in the park as well as the ecosystems in the park titled “Lions and Spiders and bears, OH MY! Life and Death in Bighorn Canyon.”

Ranger Williams will be performing a talk titled “Low Tech Means Survival.” The talk will be about how the prehistoric weapon known as the atlatl changed the way prehistoric people hunted, and how it helped them survive in a rough environment. People who attend the atlatl talk will be allowed to try to use the atlatl if they wish.

Ranger Williams will also be giving a talk about the lives of the mountain men who traveled through Big Horn Canyon and the West. He will demonstrate how to load and fire a Hawken rifle, which was used by some of the mountain men who traversed the Big Horn Canyon area. On August 22 Diana Boudreau will be talking about the paleontology research she has performed in the park this summer.

The programs will begin at 8 p.m. at the Horseshoe Bend amphitheater, but to verify dates, times and places, contact the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center in Lovell at 548-5406.


August 1: Mountain Men. Ranger Williams

August 2: Do you see what I see? Ranger Elgart

August 8: Lions and Spiders and Bears, OH MY! Ranger Elgart

August 15: Do you see what I see? Ranger Elgart

August 16: Lions and Spiders and Bears, OH MY! Ranger Elgart

August 22: Paleontology of the Bighorn Canyon. Ranger Boudreau

August 29: Low Tech Means Survival. Ranger Williams

August 30: Do you see what I see?- Ranger Elgart