Peck takes part in Wyoming Council for Women’s Issues

Susan Peck
Susan Peck

Sessions on subjects like “Working within your own Community,” “Networking,” “Women in Politics” and “Strategic Planning” were hot topics for discussion at the National Council of Commissions for Women Conference held in Sarasota, Fla., in July. Susan Peck of Lovell, a member of the Wyoming Council for Women’s Issues (WCWI), attended the conference, as one of only two women representing the entire state of Wyoming at the conference. Mary Billiter of Casper also attended.

“We attended the conference to learn and to be inspired,” said Peck. “We, as a council are members of the nationwide commission, so that we can stay connected with ‘the bigger picture,’ so to speak. We attended business meetings to make decisions nationwide.”

Peck said the WCWI is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the coming year.

“We are planning a women’s conference to celebrate,” said Peck. “We want to bring women together to connect with each other from around the state. We are planning some learning sessions, plus breakout sessions, where we can think outside of the box to help make changes for women within our communities and our state.”

Peck will also be attending another meeting on Saturday in Cheyenne, which will precede the council’s 2014 Woman of Distinction award luncheon honoring Brigadier General (Ret.) Kathy J. Wright of Cheyenne.

During the meeting Peck and Billiter will report on the conference they attended in Sarasota. The meeting will also include a brainstorming session regarding a proposed women’s fair that will be held in conjunction with the organization’s 50th anniversary in 2015.

Peck has been part of the organization’s 13-member council for nearly four years. Members of the volunteer council are appointed by the Governor, including one member from each of the nine judicial districts in the state, plus four at-large members.

“We want to help women feel empowered,” said Peck. “We will be presenting the Woman of Distinction award during this time and we plan to bring in recipients and nominees from our past selections. We need these women who already think outside of the box to help us come up with ideas for making changes to make life better as a whole for women and families throughout the state of Wyoming and nationwide.”

By Patti Carpenter