Our volleyball team made us proud – off the court

David Peck
David Peck

Members of the Lovell High School volleyball team were walking in a hallway near the locker rooms at Powell High School Saturday beginning to loosen up for their next match when they spotted something on the floor – a $50 bill.

Though the hallway is on the back side of the main gym, it leads to the auxiliary gym, as well as the locker rooms, and some fans use the hallway to get to the gyms, Lovell coach Stormy Jameson explained.

Warming up were Charri and Chayli McArthur, Mykelle Nichols, Madison Harper, Lauren Hinckley, Emilee Reasch, Angie Hutzenbiler, Ivy Abraham, Savanna Savage, Sami Stevens and Mandi Jo Baxendale.

Charri McArthur spied the bill and picked it up, and the girls decided that a person might not miss a dollar or five dollars, but a fifty should be turned in.

Jameson was helping with a junior varsity match in the main gym, when Charri approached her, fifty-dollar bill in hand.

“Somebody is going to miss that,” the junior told her. “Can you turn it in.”

Jameson looked for and quickly found Powell High School Athletic Director Tim Wormald, telling him the story of how the girls found the fifty on the floor. The AD was impressed and amazed, Jameson said.

“Really!” Jameson recalls him saying. “Your team found that and turned it in? Wow! Most high school boys and girls wouldn’t have done that. That’s pretty impressive.”

Wormald put the money away for safekeeping.

Jameson didn’t think much more about the money until she received a text during the bus ride back to Lovell later that day. Apparently Wormald was approached by a woman who told him she had lost $50 somewhere in the gym. She was visibly upset, saying she couldn’t afford to lose that much money.

The AD told her that the Lovell volleyball team had found her fifty, and she was very thankful that the team was honest and turned the money in.

Jameson said she wasn’t surprised by her team’s actions.

“They’ve always been examples to me,” she said. “Fifty dollars is a lot of money to a high school girl. I’m supposed to be an example to them, but a lot of times they’re the example to me.

“I’m pretty proud of them.”

In an age when kids are often criticized, this story really makes you feel good, doesn’t it? In a way, it’s kind of sad that the gesture came as a surprise to some, but knowing our kids over many years, I think the actions of the Lovell girls are more the norm than the exception.

Our students have many times been complimented for their dress and their behavior both on and off the court or field. It stems from their coaches, teachers and school policy, but more than that it stems from their upbringing.

We have good kids around here, for the most part. There are always some bad apples, but by and large we can be proud of how our kids behave themselves –with a refreshing maturity and honesty. Saturday’s story was just the latest example.

By David Peck

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  1. I have watched a lot of these young women grow up, I am not surprised by their actions at all. They are wonderful and have great values! They received that from their equally great families.

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