TCT sale meeting Saturday in Basin

A special meeting of the Tri County Telephone Cooperative will be held at 10 a.m. this Saturday, Dec. 20, in Basin at the TCT shop.
TCT_Blu_Slvr_cymkFinalization of the counting of the votes for the sale of the company will occur at this time, with people having until 10 a.m. to cast votes or to change votes.
TCT CEO Chris Davidson said they will be checking mail that morning to get any ballots in the mail and there will be someone at the Cody office in case ballots are dropped off Saturday morning. Ballots can be brought to the meeting prior to 10 a.m.
Also at the meeting there will be the vote for the oversight committee. There are 20 members nominated. The election of the oversight committee will only be necessary if the sale of TCT is approved, Davidson said.
All votes cast will be counted and a member does not need to be present at Saturday’s meeting in order for his/her vote to be counted.
Davidson said he is hoping that the elections committee and the board will allow the votes to be made public.
The Big Horn County commissioners voted Tuesday on the TCT transaction. After some discussion about all the information they have received from different sides and asking for input, the commissioners voted unanimously to cast a “no” vote for the county. One main concern expressed by all three commissioners was the information from the Save Our Co-op committee that the price is not a fair price.
The county, if the transaction goes through, would receive about $13,000 from the 911 lines in Burlington and Hyattville.
The Big Horn County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees voted “no” on the transaction at its November board meeting.
According to business manager Richard Parker, the district would receive $280,000 if the transaction goes through. He said the district would have to earmark the funds for a specific project, otherwise it would be turned back to the state to be considered as part of the district’s overall general fund funding model.