Administrator Nebel looking to give back to his community

A young man with deep roots in the community has been hired as the new administrator for the Town of Lovell.

Lovell native Jed Nebel, son of Rex and the late Cheri Nebel and a 2006 graduate of Lovell High School, was appointed by Mayor Angel Montanez and accepted by the town council at the July 14 council meeting.

He is pleased to join the Town of Lovell crew and said the position will give him a chance to build a career he loves and stay in his hometown to do it.

“This will allow me to spend time with my family and friends and use my degree,” Nebel said in an interview Monday. “A lot of people stepped up for me, especially when my mom died, and helped our family out, especially me. I wanted to give back to my community.”

Jed Nebel
Jed Nebel

Nebel earned an associate’s degree at Northwest College, then a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in marketing at the University of Wyoming, graduating in 2012. He has worked at 4N Trucking since then after also working for the company during his college years. He is currently safety supervisor for the bentonite hauling firm.

Nebel was first appointed town administrator on May 12, but the council did not accept the appointment at that time with councilman Kevin Jones stating that he wanted to see if the town could find the money in the budget for the position. The position was provided for in the 2015-16 budget approved in June.

The delay was a blessing in disguise, Nebel said, noting, “It was good because we were shorthanded out there (at 4N). It gave me some time to get things tied up, but I was ready to run and gun if necessary (in May).”

The new administrator sees his role as more of a co-worker than a boss, he said, and he promised to be a hands-on member of the crew.

“As an administrator you oversee what’s being done,” he said. “I’ll talk to the crew and see what can be done better. Employees always know best what needs to be done or changed. I’ll sit down and pull weeds if necessary. I’d never tell a co-worker to do a job that I wouldn’t do myself.”

Nebel called his experience with grant writing “a work in progress” and said his strength is in budgeting and cost research for projects.

“They wanted someone who will roll up his shirtsleeves and work,” he said. “I’ll be overseeing project deadlines and the budget for projects and see where our resources are going.”

Nebel plans to start his new position on Monday, Aug. 10.

“I’m ready to test myself and see if I can help out in any way possible,” he said. “I’m a good communicator, and that will make or break any organization.”

By David Peck