Weight loss show featuring Lovell resident to air July 14

A yearlong weight loss journey for Lovell resident Jennifer Snell will be featured as part of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss series on July 14. The two-hour show will air at 8 p.m. local time. Snell was selected for the show a year ago but was “cut” after the first round of filming. Determined to lose half of her 341 pounds of weight, she continued working with the staff of the show, who were so impressed with her effort that they put her back on the list of candidates to be featured in their own episode of the series.

The series, which features professional trainers Chris and Heidi Powell, documents the makeover of a number of overweight individuals, who, with the help of the show’s staff, set out to lose half of their body weight during a period of one year. The show scheduled to air will document an entire year of Snell’s effort to lose weight, which was at an all-time high of 341 pounds when she became a participant on the television show in May of 2014.

Jennifer Snell
Jennifer Snell

Snell is in her early 40s and is married, with two young children. Her goal was to lose about 180 pounds. How close she is to that goal is a carefully guarded secret known only by her husband Dan, children Hannah and Timothy and the show’s staff. According to Snell, she couldn’t have done it without the support of her family and the help—both physical and mental– she received from the show’s team of experts.

“This has been the longest year ever; that’s for sure,” she said. “It was hard physically but the most challenging part was mental. It made the year seem like 10.”

Snell said though her journey culminates with the show it does not end there.

“This is one chapter in the rest of my life,” said Snell. “I’ve never lived like I do now. Our whole family dynamic has changed. My whole attitude and perspective has changed. It has been a complete transformation. I’m the same person but better. I no longer have the weight of my past on me. Part of the weight I lost is physical, but a large part is emotional, as well.”

Snell said she is done “wallowing” in past and present traumas.

“This is the best and most pivotal experience of my life,” she said. “I feel like I’ve been given the golden ticket.”

She said he hopes to “pay it forward from here on out,” through speaking engagements and through a live website that she plans to use to help others who may be experiencing the same struggles with their weight.

“I want to be the light for those people who are experiencing the same type of struggle,” said Snell. “I hope my journey will inspire them and give them hope.”

By Patti Carpenter

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  1. we missed the last 13 minutes of the TV show and do not know what has transpired. We really would love to see the last few minutes of the program and are so impressed with Jenn and Dan and their kids; how they have overcome the tremendous odd of their challenges. We hope we can get that last few minutes from somewhere.

    Thanks, Dan and Anna Hoath

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